Want to know the best diet secret,

for creating a body you love??

STOP DIETING!  Stop depriving yourself!  Stop the war on your body!



Hey there Girlfriend.  My name is Jeni.  I'm a down-to-earth, chocolate loving, endorphin chasing, cursing, reform(ing) perfectionist and a major proponent of self love...

I'm a Confidence & Self Love Coach and I help women become besties with their bodies, cultivate radical self confidence and create their dream lives! You may think that running countless hours on the "dreadmill", following the latest diet trends or workout plans is what you need for creating the "perfect" body.  But I'm here to tell you to say "fuck it" to those nasty old habits.  You don't need to waste another moment hating your body, counting calories, holding on to feelings of anger, resentment or unworthiness...  that's such a GROSS misuse of your energy and talents!!  

How about changing things up?  

How about creating a life that feels peaceful: free of the intense highs & lows that surround meal times.  Happy: saying, "HELL NO", to the urge of comparing yourself to others.  Confident: possessing the self assurance to backpack through Europe, write a novel or even ask out that hottie... and finally waking up to a BODY YOU LOVE!