a beautiful sunset and change in my perspective

One of my goals for 2015 was to see the sunrise on a beach.  Well last week, the first week of December 2015, I still had not been to the beach... while I was looking at pictures of the ocean on Pintrest, I just thought, "ok, I might not be able to see the sunrise on the beach, but I just gotta go, NOW."  So I texted a good friend, who is currently in town but is moving back to FL the day after Christmas and I said, "wanna go to RI and just look at the ocean?" Amazingly she was up for it!  Wahoo!  Two days later, we got in the car, drove over 3 hours to get to Newport, RI.  

Once we got to Newport we walked around the very blustery streets and finally found a restaurant over looking the water.  We sat for nearly two hours, watching the waves crash on the dock, drinking tea, eating warm dinner rolls with butter and caught up on life.  We talked about goals that we have wanted for years but had never achieved/really gone after.  It was such an amazing, supportive and eye opening experience.  I think sometimes we can really get in our own way.  I know in the past I played it safe, played it small and din't really go after my dreams.  How scary it would be to try and get rejected... so maybe just not try wholeheartedly and not have to deal with the let down... but like half try so I could say I did but that life just never worked out...  Well after that conversation my whole everything changed.  PLUS, we made it to the beach just as the sun was setting and OH MY GAWD, it was STUNNING!!!  On the way home, after an amazing day, I was feeling so motivated and open hearted that I felt safe to make changes and new goals.  I said that I would give up sugar for 10 days and give my workouts my all and stop making excuses for my lack of really trying.  The only thing I can ever really do is give something my all or be stuck with always saying "what if" and "should have" and being sad that I gave up too easily.  So here it is, my declaration, that I am not going to play it safe or small any more.  I will from here on out, give it all I've got.  If I want to do something I am to either do it wholeheartedly or not at all.  

So I'd say It was an amazing trip.  I got to see the SUNSET and gained a whole new perspective.  

I'd love to know what you want to accomplish or what goal you are ready to commit yourself to.  Share in the comments below or meet me over on Instagram @gloriousmorningwellness and let me know your thoughts.



Mwah- JENI