Note to Self

With the start of 2016 I promised myself I would be dedicated, focused and diligent in moving forward with blogging, creating and building a thriving health coaching practice. And for all of January I did just that.  I was focused and feeling wildly creative.  (hello! Self Love workbook). However, in the last 5 weeks, shit got crazy.  I took on a new day job, had some really major things happen with my family, oh and we moved...  I cried a lot over the last month. I hated the idea of deviating from my plan and I REALLY HATED that all of a sudden I had no form of routine.  

Rather than acknowledge that things were shifting, I tried to just push my way through it.  I started writing a blog about Self Love the week prior to Valentine's Day.  I timed it so that I could release my witty thoughts on love and self-love the day after we had gorged ourselves on chocolates, flowers, champagne and stereotypical views on what "love" really means... however, it sounded terrible.  It was spiteful and angry (which is so NOT what I was going for.)  The more I tried to force out this blog post, at midnight or while multitasking with 20 other things, the worse it got.  All of a sudden I was hit with feelings of "I'm a failure", "all of my hard work was for nothing" "I have no follow through", you get the picture.  I had to remind myself that I was NOT being lazy. Life was just simply "happening".

Over these last few weeks I've had my tribe to turn to, other women in the health and wellness field who listened to me cry and asked really meaningful questions (you know, they health coached ME.)  What we came up with is that right now, I need to coach myself into a better place of self care.  I haven't mentioned that I haven't really exercised much in the last 2 months and I have eaten an ungodly amount of pre-packaged food. Productivity took over... so for the next 21 days (because well, that's how long it takes to form new habits) I am going to focus on filling up my own cup, putting on my figurative air mask... and taking care of my needs. 

cozy nook for drinking tea and listening to podcasts at the new house (Rosky loves it too, can you blame us?)

cozy nook for drinking tea and listening to podcasts at the new house (Rosky loves it too, can you blame us?)

MY 21 DAYS OF SELF care:

self care promise 1: Exercise.  I will get my heart rate up every single day.  (doing the Fresh Body Fit Mind program).  A strong body = a strong mind. 

self care promise 2: Candida cleanse.  In the last 5 weeks we have eaten pizza I think 5 times, which is NOT how I want to live my life and not how we normally do.  So today marks Day 1 of a candida-free diet.  I'm actually really excited.  I have planned out my meals for the whole week! That's not something I normally do, but it was a blast! Part B of this: no eating out for 21 days! 

self care promise 3: Daily yoga & meditation.  I get in such a tizzy when I have no routine and things change that the idea of sitting still becomes so painful... clearly, sitting still is exactly what I need.  Even if it's just for 5 minutes of each.  

self care promise 4: Tech free Sundays.  For the next 3 weeks I will not use IG, FB, surf the web or open my computer.  Instead I will read, walk, work in the yard, work on growing seeds (time to plant soon!) or just be.  

self love promise 5: Be creative for me. I get so worked up sometimes, that being creative has to be about producing an end product, that I have to write for others to read, or I have to knit something so that I can give it as a gift... but I want to sew for fun and spin some yarn.  (maybe that will be my new Sunday hobby). 

self care promise 6: Go hiking. For the next 3 Saturdays, I will go hiking.  I want to go do 3 new hikes.  Being in nature is TRULY the one thing in this life that fills me up the most.  MAKE IT A PRIORITY.  

Final note to self.  JUST GO WITH LIFE.  Stop pushing when you should rest, or bullying yourself because things don't get done on the first go around.  SPEND TIME OUTSIDE.  LISTEN to yourself and to your partner.  NOURISH YOUR BODY.  NO RUSHING, NO MULTITASKING.

Here goes, Day 1 of 21 days of self care.  Mental confetti is flying everywhere!  CHEERS.


mwah- JENI

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