Why I am celebrating change, instead of fearing it!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  This is my first blog of the New Year and my gosh, I am so excited to be writing!  I wanted talk about a change in perspective I had recently, about CHANGE, and how that slight shift in perspective has me feeling so pumped for the year ahead and well, the rest of my life really.  

For most, change can be a totally scary thing right?!?  Think, change of address, jobs, relationship status, weight, desires, diet, etc... I know from personal experience that the anticipation of a change is the hardest part.  We can be flooded with questions, concerns and doubts, i.e., is this going to work out, will I succeed or fail, will I make a fool of myself, will I be prepared or equipped for what I am embarking on??? etc.  

A few days ago, Ev (my bae), showed me this hilarious video about American History and how much change there has been, that we would never want to see go away.  It was a political satire about "making America Great Again" and how we actually used to have some pretty terrible things in our culture... anyway, this email is NOT about politics, but the video got me thinking about change and I asked myself why it's so often villainized and feared.

Then, early this morning, while meditating, I had this beautiful realization, I thought, "THANK GOD FOR CHANGE!"  I thought about all the beautiful personal growth I have had since being a wee babe and how lucky we, as humans are, that we get to change and evolve. For instance: how cool is it that I learned to walk, I learned to talk and read, I learned to cook for myself (this skill grows more every day!), how cool that I learned to drive, speak another language, sew, run, etc.  Look at all these incredible things I got from change!!  

I wanted to tell you about this little experience, because, here we are, 18 days into 2017 and I know resolutions are still on your mind and perhaps the anticipation of change is freaking you out a little bit. Maybe the goal or desire you have for this year comes with a few unknowns and you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by the possibilities of failure, on the other side of this change.  

I know it's easy to freak out before making changes, so I just wanted to say,  that if you are continuing to GROW, if the change is going to bring you to a happier & healthier version of yourself (and by healthy I don't just mean drinking green juice, although it might include that... I mean, becoming a truly happy and fulfilled person) then, EMBRACE THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE.

I want to end blog with one piece of advice: if, as you evaluate your resolutions or goals for this year, fear of change begins to appear, reflect on all the beautiful moments you have had in your life, as a result of change.  Celebrate every single little beautiful moment that has come as a result to change.  As a quick aside, I want to say, Thank god, for change: when I was 12 I wanted to paint my walls tie-dye, at 19, I wore mini-skirts in the winter without tights and at 24, I ate oreo's, thinking they were healthy, just because they were vegan... oh thank god for change!!


I wish you a year FILLED with BEAUTIFUL CHANGE!!!


with great LOVE & COMPASSION, 




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