How I Define Success and Why it Matters

Holy cow, tomorrow is February 1st!  I can't believe 31 days of 2017 have already come and gone. To be really honest, this month has been a little weird for me, filled with some really high moments and some pretty low moments too. For fair warning, this email is vulnerable and I am sharing real emotions and feelings, in hopes that if you can relate to how I've been feeling this last month, you too can see your way out of it and remember what really matters.  If you're not into that sort of thing, klick away my friend...

I started this year with every intention of ACCOMPLISHING a big to-do list, both personally and in my business.  I told myself, that this year was going to be THE BEST YEAR EVER!  I wanted to hit the ground running and achieve more things than I ever have.  

Funny thing though, I STALLED. BIG TIME.  This month held, what I would probably call, the biggest freak out of my life.  I turned 32, two weeks ago and although my birthday was hella fun, I have spent the last two weeks doing anything but celebrating.

I started to take stock of all the things I am "still working on" in my life and I got so overwhelmed and disappointed by how much I have left to "do" and accomplish.  Honestly, I felt like a total loser and I started to rag on myself pretty hard.

I spent some time crying about my lack of success in certain areas of my life and then Ev, my Bae, said to me "you aren't being very nice to yourself."  And boom, that made me cry even harder.  I couldn't believe I was back here again. More so than any "lack of accomplishment" I was so hurt that after all these years of personal growth, learning to love myself and, the fact that my entire buiness is built around helping others grow to love themselves too... I had mistakenly reconnected to my "inner mean girl."  FU{K!!!

I then had to ask myself, what the heck am I chasing after?  What is success anyway?

A few days later, the answer came to me. And, it was NOT some BS answer from society.  Life is not linear and neither is my growth.  To me, being successful doesn't mean hitting certain "life markers" at the same time as everyone else, I actually find that pretty boring.  So, with that new, loving realization I sat down with my journal, a cup of tea, my vision board and a dozen roses (for some beauty) and I wrote all the things that signal success to me.

Here is part of what I cam up with.. you may be able to relate or you may not. Either way, just remember that we each need to live on our own terms!



-Falling in love with taking care of myself.

-choosing to live with love as my guide, instead of fear.

-each time I make a choice that nourishes my body.

-every time I choose to act from MY TRUTH.

-every time I sit down to breathe deeply.

-when I choose to see my mistakes as opportunities for growth.

-every time I speak to myself with love and compassion, instead of judgement. 

-each time I leap out of my comfort zone.

-when I ask myself, "is this choice true for you?"

-when I choose to share my real feelings, instead of sugar coat it or hide them.

-every time I laugh so hard my cheeks hurt.

-every time I choose positivity over negativity.

-every time I prioritize my needs.

-every time, I am able to help another person take a step closer to

loving who they are and healing their pain. 


So my dear friend, if you can relate to how I was feeling earlier this month, do yourself a favor and remind yourself of what really matters.  Ask yourself "what does success really look like to me"?  Not to your mother, your bestie or your partner.  TO YOU!   Then, proceed with LOVE for yourself and most of all, remember that EVERY SINGLE TINY CHOICE you make to be kind to yourself is MAJOR SUCCESS.