Why I Now Feel Love & Gratitude for My Inner-Critic

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a post last week about how my inner-critic was taking me for a ride... As I put together the 12 Week, Killer Confidence Bootcamp, I'm not only pushing myself to learn new technology platforms, creating content, multitasking (like a freakin' wizard), which is all a bit overwhelming, the biggest part is the fact that I am CHASING after my dreams. Putting together this group program is my PURPOSE!  I am so lit up about it, I'm so freaking passionate about the subject matter and I know that my life to this point was preparing me for it... so, of course, moments of doubt or fear are a guaranteed part of it.

My fears manifested as my inner-critic showing up to make me feel "not good enough", to place a seed of doubt in my mind and to cause obstacles to keep me safely in my comfort zone.  The thing is, not too long ago, these fears and the sad/mean thoughts I was having would have stopped me dead in my tracks. She (my inner critic) would have WON!  In truth, for years, any time She showed up, I would throw in the towel, without even the slightest fight. Honestly, she kept me from pursuing so many of my dreams... 

So, why this time, can I say that I felt love and gratitude for her showing up? Well for starters, her showing up tells me that this IS the right choice for me.  If putting together the Killer Confidence Bootcamp, didn't matter to me, there'd be no fear.  If it wasn't a major opportunity for growth, She would have no need to throw "mud" at me.  If it wasn't outside of my comfort zone, She would have just kept on napping.  So, when She showed up, I was like "Yup, THIS. IS. IT. !"  

Second.  Despite how She used to make me feel... pissed off, frustrated with myself and like a total failure, She now makes me feel like a total badass and has made me even closer to my best friend.  Not only do I get to say, "oh you're scared... well, watch this!" and then do the thing.  Then, best of all, every time She shows up, guns blazing, throwing her mean and hurtful words at me, I have the most incredible opportunity to chose to LOVE myself, to treat myself like my BEST FRIEND and show myself compassion.  Seriously, her "actions" used to make me hate myself and now, despite her goal, I get to be my own champion, protector of my dreams, and #1 cheerleader!!!  Every time I chose to be my bestie in these situations, the stronger my confidence grows and the more I am like "dang Gina, you dope!"  

I wanted to share this with you today, because as you create a life that has more authenticity, joy and purpose, there will be so many things, big & small, that are just outside of your comfort zone... and as you begin to tackle them... your inner-critic is sure to try and keep you from accomplishing them... however, instead of giving up, handing her the reins and believing her Bulsh*t, take the opportunity for what it is... an opportunity to grow and BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND!




JENI xx 



P.s. I am so gosh darn excited for the 12 Week, Killer Confidence Bootcamp.  I want to help you become besties with your body, cultivate the confidence to make your dream life a reality and to help you feel wildly radiant!  If you'd like to be one of the 10 gals who gets to participate, send me an email: Jeni@jeniwrightson.com so we can set up a time to chat (to make sure it's the right fit for everyone).

 More information about the program and a little info video can be found here.