End the War Against Your Self

Hello my darling brave heart,

It is just 7 short days away from the start of the Killer Confidence Bootcamp and as I am creating the content for this program, I’ve been memory tripping like you wouldn’t believe.  I am continually re-hasing old experiences, asking myself, how I healed from them, reviewing the exact steps I took and how to best share it in the content with you, so that you too can move forward… a few days ago, while driving down a windy and sunny road, I was once again “reminiscing”, and at that moment, had a wonderfully profound realization.  

I realized, I can’t remember the last time I felt guilt around food.  Something that for years, plagued me and caused me immeasurable pain, that is no longer a part of my day-to-day experience.  I remembered all the times I choked down my true feelings, because I didn’t think a “good girl” caused waves.  I remembered all the shit I accepted from previous lovers and friends as “ok behavior”, because I was “lucky" to have their time and attention.  I remembered all the times I passed up incredible opportunities, be it jobs or wild adventure, because I was too distracted by my constant pain.  I remembered all the hours I spent in criticizing my body and all her flaws… and then I realized that not only do I now fiercely love this body, I can’t feel the pain I used to feel, any more.

Despite where I started, I have grown into a very different version of myself.  Now, the relationship I have with my body, food, my life’s purpose and my personal perception of my worth are so strongly rooted in love and self acceptance.  The painful memories that once drained my energy and took up all my time, are now just simply memories.  I can see each struggle I endured as divine opportunities for personal growth.  Those experiences were the breaking apart of the cocoon, that once sheltered the old me.

It’s important to acknowledge that my new way of thinking and feeling didn’t just happen by chance or overnight.  It was through years of hard work, struggle and moments of pure desperation that brought me to where I am today.  

If you are currently in a moment of personal growth or struggle, take comfort in the fact that your cocoon too is breaking apart.  You are on the brink of amazing self discovery, enjoyment and love.

Take comfort in knowing that personal growth is a messy and painful process and while you’re in it, though there will be moments when you truly don’t think you’ll make it out alive, you will.  And then, one day, an old trigger will appear and unlike before, it won’t have the same effect on you.  You won’t react the way you used to, it won’t cause the pain it once did and instead of it stopping you in your tracks, you’ll look at the trigger and as if from outside your body and it will feel like you’re looking in on someone else’s story.  You will recall the memories, the pain, anxiety and fears, as if they were a story your mother read to you at bedtime.  You will know the characters and events so intimately, but you won’t be able to access the old pain in quite the same way you did before.

Those memories are too, yours to wear like badges of honor.  They are your war memorial.  They are there to remind you of where you’ve been and the events in life that made you exactly who you are…  Then, as if it happened suddenly, you will realize that you have waved your little white flag and you are no longer at war with yourself.  Rather, you have become your strongest ally and teammate!

The Killer Confidence Bootcamp is your chance to cease fire on the war you are in right now.  Whether it’s a war against your body & food, you are consumed by insecurity or you are keeping yourself stuck in an old story of “not good enough” or “i don’t know how”, you can put an end to those pains, right now.

The Killer Confidence Bootcamp, is the culmination of all the things I did, to end the war on myself, once and for all.  This is the beginning of your future.  Your future free of pain, anxiety, insecurity, self doubt and boredom.  You can live a life filled with radical self confidence, wild adventures and peace.  

Imagine in just 12 weeks:

//Trusting in yourself so deeply that you know what choices are the right ones for you and which choices are not. 

//Knowing your strengths and talents and no longer wasting your time, doubting yourself.

//Finally accomplishing the things you dream of, because you don’t waste your time on insecurity & self doubt.

//Waking up with a sense of peace, because you are no longer waring against your body.

//Eating with a sense of joy & ease, because you know how to choose foods hat are nourishing and enjoyable to you. 

//Participating in loving and supportive relationship with others, because you no longer doubt your worth (or love-ability).

//Having a life that feels intentional, peaceful and truly happy ,because you finally love yourself completely. 


My dear friend,  This is when you decide that ENOUGH is ENOUGH.  This is when you chose to believe in yourself and have a peaceful and happy life.  This is when life REALLY BEGINS!


The Killer Confidence Bootcamp starts next Monday, April 17th.  Click this link to book a time to chat with me.  Too excited to click the link?  Just hit reply to this email and tell me “I’m READY to create radical self confidence” and we’ll set up a time to chat.


I’m so excited to work with you, for you to meet the other ladies that have registered and to help you to release the things that are holding you back!


One last thought, I know daring to change is hella scary- having the courage to invest in yourself, with your time, energy and money is a radical move.  It doesn't make you selfish, it makes you brave.  Whatever objections may arise within you, as to why you don't deserve the experience of the Killer Confidence Bootcamp, just know, you are worth it.  You are deserving of a happy, healthy and meaningful life.  You are a magical addition to this world and it's high time you realize that!  Give yourself the permission you are seeking, take a deep breath, and click one of the links in this blog post to begin your journey in becoming besties with your body, cultivating radical self confidence and creating the life of your dreams.  



with great LOVE & COMPASSION,