Are You WAITING Your Life Away??

Hello Brave Heart,


Today, as I was at WholeFoods, picking out my weekly flower haul, it dawned on me, just how many years I waited, and wasted, waiting for someone else to buy me the flowers I so desperately longed to have on my desk.

As these things go, that single thought spurred a massive realization, that went something like- "Holy Shit, I waited years of my life away!"

I waited to speak my truth, for years, out of fear of hurting others. I waited (2 years too long) to break up with a very abusive dude. I waited over a decade, to confront my disordered eating.  I waited over a year to just call myself what the fuck I am- a Confidence & Self Love Coach and instead called myself something, that didn't even resonate with me.  I waited far too long to confront my fears of religion and God, and kept myself in pain over it.  I waited over 25 years, to finally accept myself for who I really am.  I waited, waited, waited and waited...  And, not just on big stuff... on a bunch of trivial shit too.

When I add up how much time I spent waiting to go after what I wanted, to accept myself, to like myself, to speak my mind, to pay bills, to change my insurance, unpack old boxes, etc, it blows my mind.  Oh, and let me assure you, while I was waiting, I was not accomplishing other cool shit, I was distracting myself, hiding, and most of all, staying in massive amounts of unnecessary pain. 

So, point blank, how much time have you wasted in your life, waiting?

Are you waiting for someone to buy you flowers, so you too can smell the roses?  Are you waiting for someone to value you, for you to be valuable?  Are you waiting for someone to laugh at your jokes to feel funny? Are you waiting for someone to rescue you, to feel safe?  Are you waiting to lose "the weight" to love your body?  Are you waiting for the "right time" to chase your dreams?  


 Stop waiting for someone else to say you're funny. Make yourself laugh!

 Stop waiting for someone else to rescue you. Rescue yourself!

 Stop waiting for someone else to value you. Value yourself!

 Stop waiting for someone else to love you.  Love yourself!

 Stop waiting for someone else to shower you with gifts!  Spoil yourself!

And, while you're at it, buy yourself some fucking flowers already and love your god-forsaken body, she's perfect (whatever she looks like)!

All of this, is NOT SILLY.  Loving yourself is not a joke.  It's an act of rebellion. It's your own, one-person peace march, that can and will impact generations of women to come!!!!

SELF LOVE is a radical act and it's courageous (and contagious)!


YOU ARE A MIRACLE and you are so worthy of LOVE, especially YOUR OWN!


My dear friend, I implore you, stop waiting your life away.  Stop waiting to love yourself, to live your truth, to add your gifts and uniqueness to this world.




I know it is scary and contrary to all the shit we have been taught, as modern women, but we have the right to our happiness and we have the right to feel good in our bodies, right now, exactly as we are.


To help us all stop waiting, I created the BRAVE HEART'S SOCIETY on FB! It's a FREE group for women who are done living a life of good enough's and are ready to live radical, fully authentic, wildly fun lives!  This is where authenticity reigns supreme!  This is a sisterhood!  


Join the group to give and get support as you RECLAIM your life!  As you open up to your truth as you plan and IMPLEMENT your dream life!  You do not have to go it alone.  You don't have to wait any more!  I promise you, this group will be life changing!  So if you are a Brave Heart- a woman who dreams of living her truth, who acknowledges it takes strength, courage and vulnerability to grow beyond her old stories and understanding of herself and what the media says a "good woman is", and understands the power of a sisterhood... then, yes, this is the right place for you!


Each Monday I will be doing a FB live Q&A, to answer whatever questions you have (seriously, about anything).  Daily interaction with me and all your self love sisters, from around the world.  And best of all, unwavering love and support from other, like-minded Brave Hearts.  




If you would like some one-on-one attention, to help you truly reclaim your life and to STOP WAITING it away, simply email me:,  and let's set up a time to chat.  I would LOVE to be there for you and to help you stop the waiting game.  








As a side note, I LOVE YOU!  Whether we have met IRL or not, my heart is so full for you and I know just how much work it takes to be a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and my gosh, I am proud of you for just showing up here, to read this email and for dreaming of a life of love and authenticity for yourself!  GO YOU!