Are you ready to reclaim your life?

Hello Brave Heart,

Lately there has been something on my heart that I really want to talk about.  I spent nearly two weeks trying to think of a fun way to write the beginning of this post.  I thought I had to start it with a lighthearted story, so that it would be “easier to swallow” or something like that.  But I realized, I don’t want to do that. Moving forward, I want to speak openly and directly and I want to treat you with respect- You don’t need me to water down my thoughts or make these emails more “socially acceptable.”  If we part ways, because my words do not resonate with you, I thank you for the time we spent together.

I would like to start by saying that I no longer wish to be well-liked or easily understood.  I wish to show up as authentically as I was made and to shake up this world.  I am here to reclaim my life, as MY OWN and I encourage you to do the exact same.  Over the last few years I’ve received glimpses of who I am meant to be and what my existence is truly about, those moments are breathtaking, emotional and awe-inspiring.  I live for those moments, I feel truly guided and ALIVE in those moments.

In between those moments of being graced by the Devine (you can think of this as God, the Universe, or just moments that make me feel immeasurable joy and purpose), I often feel an immense inner-struggle.  There are periods when I am taken over by a desire to be well-liked and easily understood.  In those moments I see a direct connection between me speaking my truth and causing others harm… so I chose to hide.  I hid my feelings, my purpose and tried to blend in and be as unnoticed as possible (read, wearing sweatpants, no makeup and generally looking like a slob).

Then, thank “God” for the moments when I awoke with a raging fire within, a fire that knew I was made to shake up this world!  I now know, I am NOT here to "go with the flow” or to fit in with the norm.  I was given my experiences and truth for a reason.  That reason is to connect with an “army” of women, in reclaiming our lives, and the definition of what being a woman really is.  

When I say army,  I am not talking about a group of women who are out to destroy.  We are not a group of women who hate or generalize all men. We are women who are fighting for love.  We are here to reclaim the Love of ourselves and between sisters (literal and metaphorical).  We are the women who, despite common practice, want to care for our bodies, speak our truths and live by our own guidelines.  Most of all, by reclaiming our lives we aim to rewrite the modern definition of “woman.”

We are ready for Liberation!  Liberation from the confines of what has been accepted as “the truth” for generations before us.  No longer do I (or we) want to live by what was deemed “appropriate behavior” for women.  We will no longer stand to be controlled- we will determine how we dress, act, and speak.  We will embrace our desires.  We will own the way we express ourselves sexually, be it with great modesty or in the baring of our flesh.  We will determine how we mother (if we choose to at all).  And, we will live by our own definition of femininity, be it with perfectly placed eye-liner or completely fresh-faced.  Most of all, we will find our own answers, within ourselves, not from society and especially not from the patriarchal media.  

We do not need to be easily understood.  We are dynamic in all understandings of the word. 

We are brave enough to question society and ourselves.   

I want us to wave the white flag, on the war with our bodies.  I want us to wave the white flag, on the war with other women.  And I want to partner with you in liberating all women, who have been manipulated and convinced into believing that they are not perfect in exactly who they are.  

This is the beginning of my new way of connecting with you- the women in this Self-Love Army.  

From here on out, my writing and coaching practice will be dedicate to the encouragement of all women expressing their truest, most authentic selves.  I plan to share much more openly about the experiences that have lead me to this point in my life and I implore you to share your stories too. 

I look forward to connecting to you on a deeper level and to the growth of our friendship.



If you are ready to speak your truth, to create a truly authentic life and to cultivate the confidence it requires to do so; let’s discuss working together.  I have meditated a great deal on this and my heart is so open and ready to receive you.  I can’t wait to be a part of your journey and to watch as you shake up this world with your magnificence.  Email me: and we can set up a time to chat.  









P.S. I created a private Facebook group called The Brave Heart’s Society for the women that this resonates with.  It is a place for us to come together, to speak our truths and to get and give support with other women as they too awaken to who they are meant to be.  CLICK HERE TO JOIN!