Can You TRUST in YOU??

In the last few weeks I've written pretty extensively about the importance of having clearly defined goals and the benefits of visualizing what is required to be successful.  What I want to talk about today, is what I actually consider to be the most important ingredient in any endeavor in life.  That ingredient is self-trust. 

Before I go in to what self trust is and how to cultivate it, I want to discuss what trust itself means.  While doing research for this post I read many definitions of trust, and I absolutely fell in love with this definition form 

Trust is: reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.

Why did I fall in love with this definition??  Well, for starters, look at the words they use, "integrity","strength" and "confidence".  I think one of the most amazing things you can say about someone is that they have integrity.  Second, "strength".  When I think of strength, I think of physical strength, emotional strength and strength of character.  Wouldn't you LOVE for someone to say any of these three things about you?  


What qualities does this person possess?  Do you know that they have integrity?  Do you trust in their strengths and their abilities?  I want you to consider something else.  Do you trust them because they are NEVER wrong or because they always have the answer to your problems?  I bet that's not it.  I bet you trust them because they are there for you and they help to support you no matter what the instance, and I bet more than anything, you trust that person because they are who they say they are and they do what they say they'll do.  

Now, that we've talked about what trust is, let's evaluate what self-trust is.  Just like trust, it is NOT about always making the right choice or having all the answers.  It also does not mean, having to do everything yourself or prove your strength.  What it is though, is having faith in yourself. Faith in knowing that you can survive any situation and that you will take action on the things you have said you will do.  It is also having faith in your ability to learn from the mistakes you will inevitably make.  Lastly, it is having confidence in yourself, and that you will ask for help when you truly need it. 


The most powerful relationship you’ll ever have is the relationship with yourself.
— Dr. Steve Marabole

Like the quote above says, the relationship you have with yourself is by far the most powerful; no matter how much time you spend with your partner, parents or friends, the person you will ultimately spend the most time with in the course of your life is you.  How is that NOT a powerful relationship??  The sad truth though, is that we often don't respect the relationship we have with ourselves as eagerly as we respect the relationships we have with others. 


Just like how we choose to show up for the ones we love, we must also show up for ourselves. To cultivate self-trust we must not teach ourselves that we are untrustworthy.

Step 1:  Can the negativity.  I know that you would NEVER tell a friend she was ugly, unintelligent, unattractive, incapable, or uncreative.  So, please, if you only get one thing out of this post.  STOP trash talking yourself already!  Your thoughts can be a powerful thing, but you do NOT need to listen to every little insecure thought that floats by.  Wish it well and then let it go.  And then I want you to celebrate all the marvelous, magical, imperfect, creative, and unique qualities you possess.  I want you to straight up brag to yourself, DO NOT BE HUMBLE.  If you want, you can even write these things down and hang them up for a daily reminder of all the sh*t you got goin' on!  (if you're shy, you can hide it on the inside of your bathroom door, or under your pillow.  Whatever you gotta do... 

Step 2: Respect your boundaries.  If you are uncomfortable with someone or something, speak up for yourself!  Despite all the Marvel movies and TV shows these days, we can not secretly read each others' minds.  The only way you can insure that your boundaries are met is if you are willing to enforce them.  Some people will naturally try to get you to move your hard limits, be it another glass of wine on a work night, staying out too late Sunday night or even moving too fast in a new relationship.  How can you be sure that you can trust yourself if you're always going back on the things your gut is telling you that you need/want??  

Step 3: Create clarity.  Before you try to hold yourself to anything, ask yourself: what do I want, why do I want it, is this for me, what is motivating me, etc.  Get clear on what you are after and make sure that it is genuinely for yourself. 

Step 4: Hold yourself accountable.  This means, following through on what you have said you will do.  If you keep telling yourself that you'll start a new exercise program, learn a new language or even just write an email... and yet you don't... you are communicating with your subconscious that you can not be trusted.  That you do NOT do what you say you will do and it teaches you to expect failure.  YIKES.  Is that really how you want to see yourself, as inevitable failure?  NO!

Step 5: Have compassion.  When you do mess up, forget to do something, drink too much, or eat 2 slices of cake... take a deep breath, and remember step 1.  No negative self talk, no angry hateful "i knew you would mess up".  Treat yourself like a friend, and help her see her way through it.  Ask her why she thinks that happened.  Ask her what support she is lacking and how you can be there for her next time.  Take a gentle observance, set a new plan and then move on. 

Step 6: Listen to your gut. Sometimes we set goals for ourselves or agree to do something and later have a gut feeling that we shouldn't do it.  Too often women ignore their intuition, try to be too polite and wind up in a bad situation.  The most important part of self-trust is being communicative with yourself.  Do NOT be dogmatic about anything in life.  If you start a new workout program and a few days in, you feel sick, do NOT push yourself, rest and recoup and start when your body is feeling right.  If you agree to go on a second date, because it was too awkward to say no, but the guy was a TOTAL CREEP, figure it out, listen to your gut and say NO.  Whatever it is, continuously check in with yourself to make sure you are on the right path.  This is NOT an excuse to be lazy or flaky, refer back to Step 4. 

Step 7: Ask for help.  Like I said above, self-trust does not mean that you have to have all the answers or do everything yourself.  If you are struggling, reach out, and get the help/support that you need.

Step 8: Honor your commitments to yourself with FERVER.  This is similar to being held accountable.  But this step is about having passion.  Do the things you want for you, and do not do them begrudgingly.  If things are feeling like a chore, check in with yourself.  Are these your goals or are they someone else's? 


It will not always be easy to have faith in yourself.  I have to admit, I even struggled with self-trust this week.  I worked out far less than usual, promised myself every day I would stretch before I got to my desk and for someone reason I just didn't... I had to ask myself why I was flaking on myself.  I came to the realization that I was over working myself this week.  I was so single minded, I just wanted to feel like I was getting closer to checking off certain goals on my vision board... ultimately though, because I kept flaking on myself, I was ignoring all the other goals on my vision board.  So I decided to take note of what happened and lovingly told myself that next week I would ask for support in getting more active... and decided to be honest in this little paragraph to hold myself accountable to my behaviors and promises.  


Now, comment below, and tell me how will you cultivate a better level of self-trust?  


Mwah- JENI 

Create Your Dream Life: Vision Board

If you don’t now where you’re going, any road will take you there.
— Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)

I have always loved setting goals, but what I love more is actually achieving them.  I have said countless times that you can long for something, wish and hope, but without a plan, that goal is simply a Dream.  I often wonder, how is it that some people are more successful at accomplishing the things they set out to than others??  I think the magic ingredient to success, is clarity.  Clarity on exactly what it is you want, why you want it, what it will do for you if you do get it, and how exactly you plan to get it.  If we don't know what we are after or where we are going, we may find ourselves way off track.  Taking opportunities and chasing after "shinny objects" may ultimately just be distracting us from our happiest most fulfilling lives.

So, I guess the question we should start with is: How can we get clear on what it is we want??

To be frank, I go through waves of knowing exactly what I want and then freaking out 2 days later because I have absolutely no Eff-ing idea what I want.  I think this is a completely normal thing for us "creative types" Why??  Well, I think it stems from 2 things: the first thing being fear. Fear to admit I want something bigger/better/new/different/challenging and of course, fear of failure.  Second, because I am a sensitive and thoughtful person, I consider everything everyone else has ever said to me about the "thing". They said it was stupid/impossible/selfish/trivial/destined to be poor/dead end, etc... the list goes on! What I think happens is that I lose my clarity, not about what I want, but HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT!

It's easy for what we want, to get muddled by outside factors with all the clutter and noise made by others. So, how can we create clarity?  We must visualize our goals and the life we are after.

step one: define YOUR DREAM LIFE

Not I- not anyone else, can travel that road for you. You must travel it for yourself.
— Walt Whitman

The first step to creating your dream life is DEFINING it.  Remember, the perfect life, is according to YOUR OWN DEFINITION (no one else's).  Now, think, if you were to wake up tomorrow in your dream life, where would you be, who would you be with, what would you be doing, what would you be wearing, what would you know, what would you eat??? Seriously, consider it all.  Start this process by jotting down words, emotions, places, events, goals, anything that you want to have in your life for the coming year.  You can even look through magazines or Pintrest and see what images jump out at you.  Maybe you'll find the commonalities that you hadn't noticed earlier.  Maybe you love everything French and you'll realize that this is the year you will finally study French or Visit a French-speaking city or maybe you keep a thousand old magazine clippings for pastry recipes and gosh darn it, you will learn to make croissants this year!  (No matter how big or small- let yourself go there, to think about it, to dream about it and to picture it in your life.)  

Step two: create the specific vision 

You are not creating a new you; you are releasing a hidden you. The process is one of self-discovery. The hidden you that wants to emerge is in perfect balance.
— Deepak Chopra, MD

A few years ago I created a board on Pintrest called "Dream Life Visionary Board" to house images that brought me joy or gave me a feeling of wistfulness.  From time-to-time I would glance at it and think, "oh gosh, that looks nice".  Looking back at what I pinned over the last few years, I have to say, several of the things came true!  Pretty cool.  There are a few however, that did not. These are the things that were too general.  Things like images of Paris, loafs of bread, and beaches.  Life is long, so maybe I'll make it to Paris again in 15 years, or I'll eat good bread and watch documentaries about the ocean. What was missing from these past boards was the intention behind the images and the specification of when and how I wanted them in my life.

Last week, at the prompting of a Mastermind group assignment, I made a vision board for 2016.  What makes this board different than any of the ones on Pintrest? Well for starters it is my vision board for 2016.  It's not a general board for LIFE, it's a specific board for a specified time period.  I also gave a focal point to the board which is my phrase for the year "BE DARING".  More than anything, I know that to make new things happen in my life, I MUST get out of my comfort zone.  Next, it's a tactile board that hangs over my desk- where as of late I am sitting for at least 7 hours a day.  Rather than having to go online and scroll through my boards, this board is prominent in my everyday REAL life.  I can sit and take it in with conscious thought or let it chat with my subconscious while I get my work done.  I had an absolute blast making it!  And let me tell you it has made me feel so much more purposeful, clear headed and determined than ever!

how to make a successful vision board

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.
— Tony Robbins


It's so important that you give some real love and attention to your board.  You don't need to rush it and you don't need to get it completed in one sitting.  Also, make sure you don't have any stressors or distractors in the background.  Pop on some nice music, pour yourself a glass of wine (or tea in my case), call a friend and make it a fun, supportive and somewhat romantic experience... after all you are creating a vision for your dream life (what is more romantic than the notion of living your dream life??)


The most important part of this is that it's TRUE TO YOU.  Just like in defining your OWN dream life, when creating the image to represent it, make sure to be extremely honest and specific. There are so many aspects to life- don't trap yourself by thinking too small.  Consider all the things that make up one's life: relationships, career, finances, home life, travel, personal growth and health.  Personal growth can be in spirituality, education, self confidence, social life, creativity, etc.  Also, make sure to add how you want to FEEL.  Relaxed, energized, calm, zen, adventurous??  Think about the emotion behind the desire and make sure that it's represented on your board.

Like I've said, several times, get specific with these goals


Feeling: I have 3 different pictures of mountains, because to me, there is nothing as calming as being in nature and seeing the vastness of mountains.  To me, it does not matter where I am or what mountains I am looking at, to be in nature I feel complete and calm. 

Finances: I want to save more money this year.  Rather than saying "save $", I listed a specific amount I want to save.

Education: On my board I pasted a picture of books (with a cup of tea) and I wrote- read 10 books.  This year I want to read 10 books that inspire me to be a badass beech and make me feel more intelligent and worldly.   

Style: Because Ev and I live on a farm and I have a home office, it is so easy for me to wear ratty old clothes and I often feel a bit blah.  I have pictures of women in classic, pencil skirts and stunning heals and I wrote, "wear beautiful clothing".  Let me tell you, each day that I have come in to my office and see these images, I have gotten up from my desk, gone back to my closet, properly dressed myself and added a touch of red lipstick and I feel AMAZING!     

Home life: I have a picture of breakfast in bed, and I wrote "breakfast in bed once a month".  I have a tendency as a new entrepreneur to think that if I am not working ALL the time, I am not doing enough.  I wanted to remind myself that it's OK to relax and enjoy a quiet leisurely morning.

Travel: I have a picture of the Eiffel Tower that I look on my first night living in Paris in 2006. I have it on my board because I WILL go back to France this year!


Now get moving!  visualize the life of your dreams

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.

I encourage you to get creative and specific about what you want to do and feel in this coming year.  Put your board in a place that requires you to interact with it regularly.  Don't just make this board and never look at it again.  If you want to run a marathon this year you can't simply tell yourself you want to do it and not do any of the things required to prepare for it... well I guess you could run a marathon without training, but I'm 99.99999% positive that it will suck!  Like I said in the beginning of this post, if you have clarity about what you want for your life, you will also have an easier time making decisions.  You will know what choices will bring you closer to that life and which choices, although maybe fun, may just bring you on a major detour.

Comment below, tell me what you want your 2016 to look like.  


Until next time, Chase your dreams and eat some greens.

Mwah- JENI


What's Really Behind Your Constant Self Sabotage??

First, let's start with the definition of Sabotage. defines it as: any underhand interference with production, work, etc.  To injure or attack.  So self sabotage is a form of underhand interference or passive aggressive, purposeful derailment of productivity done to one's self.  Why would we we do this to ourselves?  Don't we wish the best for ourselves, to be happy, healthy and successful?!?  

Let's discuss what stands behind self sabotage.

Let's not kid ourselves, the unknown, the big dark empty wide open unknown can be so scary! Asking ourselves to go off of blind faith or belief in ourselves can bring up some intense emotions or cause some pretty consuming anxiety.  Let me tell you first hand, that anxiety is a mother f'er and in the past I would do just about anything to avoid it.  I happily gave up on dreams just to get anxiety off my case.  It's reassuring to do things we know we're good at, things we've been praised for or that don't cause us any extra pressure or stress in our lives. Maybe in the past we failed, or didn't really try, so we learned that failure hurts...  much like when we learned touching a hot stove hurts, and we sure as heck didn't do that again, so why would we dare TRY again??  Although, the definition at the top of this post makes you sound like a jerk if you self sabotage, it's not really that cut and dry.  It's actually a form of SELF PROTECTION.  You know how it feels to fail, or maybe you saw someone else fail and saw how hard it was on them, so let's avoid those experiences PLEASE!  If you are a parent and you are trying to keep your child safe, you would certainly advise them to stay away from things that could leave scars.  SO, looking out for yourself is actually kind and caring and a very beautiful and nurturing trait.  However, we need to learn when to protect and when to push. We don't want to be acting like scared children for the rest of our lives and never feel the adventure and true excitement that there is in riding the rollercoaster of life!   


what other feelings might be behind your self sabotaging efforts?

This may be a bit hard to admit or even a little emotional, so take some time to sit quietly and allow yourself to take an honest look at where the self sabotage is coming from.  Maybe deep down in your most vulnerable places you believe one or more of the following things.

YOU DON'T DESERVE IT.  why would a person like you deserve to be successful, to lose 20 lbs, to be appreciated for your talents or to earn a good wage?

YOU AREN'T SMART ENOUGH. you don't have a fancy education to back you up or the know how to do it?

I DON'T WANT TO MAKE OTHERS FEEL NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  maybe you're afraid that if you succeed it will make others feel sad, alienated, or unworthy.  maybe you're afraid that you won't have anything in common with your friends or partner? 

I WON'T BE ABLE TO DO THAT MUCH WORK.  ok yes, trying something new, pushing towards a goal or asking something new of ourselves can be hella scary.  TRUST ME, I KNOW!  But, just like Rome wasn't build in a day, neither was creating a life you love or accomplishing anything of real value.  

FAILURE = HEARTACHE.  maybe you're afraid that after all of the hard work and dedication you will fail and then be heart broken.  i can't promise you that you will become president just because you had a kick-ass campaign, or worked 100 hours a week... but i can promise you that you will be so much closer to your goal than when you started.    

I DON'T WANT TO BE SEEN AS OBSESSIVE.  are you afraid that if you go after what you want and show dedication, people around you will think you're obsessive or too intense?  honestly, i think dedication and hard work are so sexy.  

I DON'T WANT TO BRING ATTENTION TO MYSELF.  are you afraid of stepping out of the box or making waves?  i get it, it can be scary.  grab on to your 12 year old self, hug her tight, tell her it's cool to be an individual and let go of the need to be like everyone else.  


Now, let's evaluate what's really suffering when we self sabotage?

Let's be honest, when we self sabotage, when we get in the way of our dreams and potential, who are we really hurting?  It may be upsetting to your family and close friends to see you suffer and not reach your goals, but the sad truth is the person who gets hurt the most is OURSELVES.  Each time we decide to give up on a dream or something we have asked of ourselves, we secretly tell ourselves to not have faith or trust in what we have said.  OUCH.  If your partner continuously failed on every promise they made to you, as your good friend, I would advise you to pack up and leave.  When we  allow ourselves to believe that failure is inevitable and disappointment is a commonality when we are involved, that can be really disheartening and a hard cycle to break.  

So what do we do to break the cycle?

For starters, we have to change the way we think and feel about ourselves.  As they say in AA, admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.  So, lovingly, without judgement, only acknowledgement, allow yourself to recognize this pattern in your behavior.  While you're at it, STOP SUPPRESSING YOUR EMOTIONS!  Feel the fear, lust, confusion, pride, creativity, excitement, vulnerability, etc.  These emotions are an incredible part of what it means to be alive and feel!  FEEL THEM ALL, take a deep breath and move on.  

Then, begin to challenge and change the beliefs you have about yourself and your abilities. You are smart enough, and good enough and your talents are special and you CAN commit to the work it requires.  Start with tiny goals that you can accomplish.  Make promises to yourself as if you are making a promise to the most important person in your life.  For instance, when I don't feel like working out, I say to myself "but you promised", when I want to eat cookies because they are on a table in front of me I say "but you promised to eat food that makes you feel amazing", etc.  Once you have managed to prioritize mini goals, you will build the muscles required to stick to larger goals and following through won't seem so scary and impossible. Through this you can redefine yourself.  Who do you WANT to see yourself as, what do you WANT to be capable of, what do know your strengths ARE, etc.  Speak to yourself, look at yourself, as if you are your best friend.  I'm sure you would never allow her to think she is worthless or not exceptionally special.  Do the same for yourself.

Now, what will you accomplish??

For one of my clients I gave her the daily task of repeating "I WILL ACCOMPLISH THE THINGS I HAVE SAID."  Just a simple positive reinforcement of your ability and your dedication can make all the difference.  Try this phrase out any time you doubt yourself or your ability to follow through or succeed.  So at this point I want you to, again, state your goals and this time BELIEVE them and believe in yourself.  





Mwah- JENI  


If you are carrying around old memories, hurtful stories or negativity, that is preventing you from feeling truly happy and loving yourself, IT IS TIME to let that go.  It's time for you to LOVE YOURSELF.  Download my FREE 26 page workbook to end the negativity that is holding you back so you can feel TRULY HAPPY & finally LOVE YOURSELF.  



a beautiful sunset and change in my perspective

One of my goals for 2015 was to see the sunrise on a beach.  Well last week, the first week of December 2015, I still had not been to the beach... while I was looking at pictures of the ocean on Pintrest, I just thought, "ok, I might not be able to see the sunrise on the beach, but I just gotta go, NOW."  So I texted a good friend, who is currently in town but is moving back to FL the day after Christmas and I said, "wanna go to RI and just look at the ocean?" Amazingly she was up for it!  Wahoo!  Two days later, we got in the car, drove over 3 hours to get to Newport, RI.  

Once we got to Newport we walked around the very blustery streets and finally found a restaurant over looking the water.  We sat for nearly two hours, watching the waves crash on the dock, drinking tea, eating warm dinner rolls with butter and caught up on life.  We talked about goals that we have wanted for years but had never achieved/really gone after.  It was such an amazing, supportive and eye opening experience.  I think sometimes we can really get in our own way.  I know in the past I played it safe, played it small and din't really go after my dreams.  How scary it would be to try and get rejected... so maybe just not try wholeheartedly and not have to deal with the let down... but like half try so I could say I did but that life just never worked out...  Well after that conversation my whole everything changed.  PLUS, we made it to the beach just as the sun was setting and OH MY GAWD, it was STUNNING!!!  On the way home, after an amazing day, I was feeling so motivated and open hearted that I felt safe to make changes and new goals.  I said that I would give up sugar for 10 days and give my workouts my all and stop making excuses for my lack of really trying.  The only thing I can ever really do is give something my all or be stuck with always saying "what if" and "should have" and being sad that I gave up too easily.  So here it is, my declaration, that I am not going to play it safe or small any more.  I will from here on out, give it all I've got.  If I want to do something I am to either do it wholeheartedly or not at all.  

So I'd say It was an amazing trip.  I got to see the SUNSET and gained a whole new perspective.  

I'd love to know what you want to accomplish or what goal you are ready to commit yourself to.  Share in the comments below or meet me over on Instagram @gloriousmorningwellness and let me know your thoughts.



Mwah- JENI 

6 Tips for Living Calmly

about me 5 .jpg

I know we all have so much on our plates, particularly around the holiday season it's easy to forget about our self care needs and get wrapped up in the "DO. DO. DO" mentality.  Here are 6 things I have found over the years that help me remain calm despite the long lists of chores and going to and fro.  

My 6 tips for living calmly (and loving the heck out of life):

1. NO SOCIAL MEDIA for the first hour after waking up.  For a long time I used social media as a way of waking me up, so that I wouldn't fall back to sleep after my alarm clock went off.  What I found though was that I got sucked in to a vortex and all of a sudden an hour was gone... I should have just slept in.  Then I had a head ache from all the early morning screen time.  I now embrace a better morning routine and give my attention more fully to what life has to offer- a sunrise, time with my family and slowly gathering my thoughts and wishes for the day. 

2. GET OUT IN NATURE.  To me there is nothing as potent as fresh air for creating a healthy and happy life.  It does so much for my attitude and gratitude.  My morning routine is that I get up, bundle up and go for a family walk.  It gives me and Ev a chance to chat and hold hands and allows Roscoe to explore and get out his crazies (he can get a little annoying if he doesn't get enough morning exercise- can't we all though).  Plus it's so nice to have some time to reflect in how amazing the planet is and get my blood flowing, all while bonding as a family.  

3. HYDRATE.  There is nothing worse than having a head ache.  When I get a head ache it ruins everything.  There is no such thing as being creative, caring and savvy when I have a head ache.  Our brains are made up of 80% water, so if you have a head ache or feel one coming on, chances are you're dehydrated.  I like to start my morning with hot water and lemon.  It's wildly good for you and helps things move in your digestive system.  I recommend that you start your day that way.  I actually find it much more useful than starting my day with caffeine.  

4. WRITE IT DOWN. I like to write and I find it super helpful in feeling calm and organized.  It's actually stressful to force your brain to memorize all your to-dos, due dates, appointment times and schedule... so why not free up your brain and allow for better creativity and productivity by writing it all down.  I also like to write my thoughts and goals in a journal so that I can think about them more clearly or better visualize how to make em happen. 

5. BREATHE DEEPLY.  When we get stressed we stop breathing fully.  When we take shallow breaths all of our actions become shallow.  It's easier to go to a place of panic and worry and become impatient with the adults, little ones and animals in our lives.  When I feel like I'm stressing out or even just not listening properly, I remind myself to take DEEP, MEANINGFUL breaths.  Try inhaling for 3 full seconds and exhaling for 3 full seconds.  I promise it will do wonders for you.  REALLY BUGGIN OUT??? Try 7 second inhale/exhales.  

6. DETACH.  It's so important to give yourself a chance to just BE.  Be in the moment, relax, don't give in to the pressures of working all the time or being "productive" all the time.  We have to remember that life isn't just deadlines.  We need to embrace the people and things we have chosen and give them some of our attention too.  Once it's the end of the day, I like to leave my phone in an entirely different part of the house.  I want to once again reconnect with my guy and my thoughts and just breathe deeply and ultimately give thanks for the day I had the opportunity to live.  After all, that day will never happen again, nor will the exact moment you're in- EMBRACE IT! 





Mwah- JENI 

Need support this year, on creating your happiest & healthiest life? 


Gratitude List

Here we are- my favorite time of year!!  The time when Gratitude is key and cheer starts to bubble over.  What's not to love about that??  For the last 4 years I have run a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning and I absolutely love it!!  I love being a part of so many peoples' day. Sharing in miles and sweat is so marvelous and let me tell you, the buzz of gratitude is so contagious!!  My favorite part of the Turkey Trot is dedicating each mile to something that I am grateful for in my life.  This year I will be running a 5k (3.1 miles) so here is my list of gratitude that I will be running for. 

Mile 1: My Tribe: These are the people that really get me, encourage me to be who I TRULY am and who I hope to be.  These are the people (both in real life and on the internet) that I have “met” and bonded with and have helped me grow into who I am.  I will run this mile for all the beautiful souls I have in my tribe and how they inspire me daily!!  

Mile 2: Self acceptance: Gosh, this is something that I struggled with all through my early and mid-twenties.  I think most women have experienced some form or another of being too critical of themselves or not embracing how magical and special they are.  I will run this mile for how cool it is to finally feel, not only at peace with who I am, but actually thinking I’m a pretty kick-ass gal.  I love this quote from Louise Hay- “You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked.  Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”  Heck yes ladies, let’s all get in the business of loving ourselves!!  Besides, you are the one that has to live with your choices, and when it’s just you alone in a room, will you be happy to be sitting with you??  (just some food for thought!!)

Mile 3: Real food: Real food plays such a large role in my happiness and my life.  Not only does choosing real food nourish my body, it makes me happier, calmer, and more available to the people I love and gives me the energy I need to go after the things I am passionate about.  When Ev and I started to grow food together everything changed.  I am continuously in awe of Mother Nature and all that is provided to us.  Having a real relationship with my food and the earth has made me realize what a magical thing life is and I truly believe that there is something much greater than just “surviving” this life.  Choose to honor your body and life by choosing foods that really NOURISH you.  I will run this mile in gratitude of the foods that nourish this life that I am so passionate about!  

Mile 3.1: My man, best friend, partner, and #1 cheerleader.  I am eternally grateful for his endless patience and acceptance. I like to think while driving of all the ways my life would be insanely different if he wasn’t in my life and it’s shocking to acknowledge it.  After all, he is the one who told me to look into becoming a health coach!  I will run the last .10th of a mile because without him, those first 3 miles would be totally different!  

So what do you have to be grateful for this year?  Nothing is too small to give thanks for.  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or email me directly.  Spread the gratitude and spread joy with it!


wanna know how gratitude effects your health??  Check this link

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Chase your dreams and eat some greens.

Mwah- JENI 



Gosh, we are now halfway through November, 2015!  If you haven't accomplished everything on your "to-do list" this year or haven't even looked at your New Year's Resolutions since February, I want you to know that it's not too late to make this year great!  Here are a few things that I want to do before this year ends.

1. CLEAN UP.  Clean up my closet, my home, my "friend list" and my mind.  It's so easy to collect clutter and hold on to things that don't serve us anymore.  Especially friendships that went stale or thoughts about ourselves that somehow stuck with us for far too long.  YOU CAN accomplish what you want to and YOU CAN be incredibly happy oh, and YOU ARE so beautiful!    What a great way to end the year and an exciting way to start the new one.  (What do you need to clean up?)

2. MEDITATE. I want meditation to be a more substantial part of my life: This week my mantra is: "trust your gut".  I truly find the sexiest thing a woman can do is just trust in herself and not need the approval of anyone.  For me, the more I listen to my instincts, the happier and more fulfilled I feel.  (What mantra do you need in your life right now?)

3. BREAKUP with SUGAR.  Listen, I'm not saying you should NEVER have a treat or not sweeten your tea.  I am saying however, that if you are like me and think about sweets before, during or after every meal- yes, that is me, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, maybe we need to take a little break.  (What little habit do you need to reign in?  Maybe it's sugar like me, or coffee, or donuts...)

That's it for now, 3 little things I hope to do before the end of the year.  Remember to take it easy on yourself.  One of my absolute favorite sentiments is: LESS is MORE!  We don't need to be perfect and we don't need to be super hero's that do a million things a day.  Breathe deeply and enjoy life!


et voilà.  Share your thoughts with me!  What do you want to to do before this year is over?? Got some bad ass quotes that get you up and out?  Share those too!  You can never have too much motivation! 

be well,