Can you make this ENEMY your FRIEND???

Hello Beautiful Friend, 

Here we are, 4 short days away from 2017.  I know these next few days are so magical, it's when everyone gets revved up, excited and totally inspired to set new goals, seek out personal growth and dare to create more of what we want in our lives and release more of what we don't want...

That excitement and inspiration is a wonderful thing.  But we all know, thatexcitement and inspiration can be very fleeting, and then we are left feeling totally BUMMED.  Going from that high-as-a-kite level of excitement one day and waking up the next sans that feeling can be so devastating.  Trust me, I am NOT immune to the torment either.

So as I myself am pondering my new goals, desires and plans for my life, I have found a theme emerging.  I wanted to share it with you and I truly think it can help you change your relationship to that old enemy- the feeling of "high on inspiration" one minute to "down in the dumps" the next...

Recently, in all the things I am reading, in conversations with friends and even spiritual leaders, there has been a theme: the LIGHT in us Vs the DARK in us and how the DARKNESS is actually a BEAUTIFUL THING!   HUH??

Let me explain.  I know we often think of Light as good and Dark as evil, but it's actually more complex than that and if you can change your view of the darkness, you may actually begin to find love for it.

The LIGHT represents: LOVE most of all.  It represents personal growth, hope, authenticity and positive change. 

The Darkness represents: FEAR most of all.  It represents the fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of pain and failure and often comes out as doubt and worry.

So why on earth do I think that you should learn to LOVE this darkness inside of yourself?

In a conversation I had with a Jewish Re-constructionist Spiritual Leader yesterday, we talked about how the more we lean towards the light within ourselves, the more the darkness becomes apparent.  What a total pain right??  Well, actually, I think it's a beautiful sign.

The more we lean towards love.  The more we seek out personal growth.  The more we live in our own authenticity.  The more we create positive change.  The more the darkness within us will fight.  The more it will kick and scream.  The more it will want to challenge our hopes and dreams.  It will bring rise to our fears, doubts, and worries.  It will remind us that the unknown is scary, that it could REALLY hurt if you set out on new journey and fail or that you are not special enough to have a life of happiness and love...

I know, that sounds awful to be hit with all of those fears and worries.  But here's the positive take away. The more darkness you are feeling is actually EVIDENCE THAT YOU HAVE LEANED TOWARDS THE LIGHT! It is evidence that you are BRAVE, LOVING & AUTHENTIC.  What a beautiful opportunity fear allows us.  It is an opportunity to reflect on your growth.  I know that experiencing fear and doubt is NOT enjoyable in the moment.  But if you could get into the habit of seeing the darkness as a reflection of the light, you can learn to LOVE the darkness.  You can learn to give thanks for the darkness.  Best of all you can learn to see your LIGHT!

So, why did I want to talk about this right now?  4 days before 2017?  I wanted to remind you as you start on new journeys, set out on brave new paths and dream of living more beautiful, authentic lives, that there WILL WITHOUT A DOUBT, be moments of darkness.  GREAT BOUTS OF FEAR.  


Those bouts, although certain to be sad and painful are simply reflections of the light!

Trust that you are on the right path, trust that you are strong and brave.  The more you see and feel the darkness, the more you can be assured that you ARE LEANING TOWARDS THE LIGHT.



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