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Stress Relief for Breakfast

When I get stressed out (or even just busy), the first thing I drop is making sure to eat GOOD-for-me foods.  It's so easy to grab for packaged foods or delicious-in-the-moment treats (hello chocolate croissants!!), but that never makes me feel good and in the end I wind up with a sugar hangover and a shitty outlook on the day.  So, I've learned that breakfast really does matter.  I aim to give myself a major dose of feel-good foods straight away so that my day is set up to be a good one.  I've learned what works for me and what doesn't.  I know I need something "complex".  I don't mean something that is complicated or involves a zillion steps or watching a youtube "how to" video.  I mean, it has to pack protein, fiber, antioxidants and flavor.  This oatmeal bowl does just that... and you know what else it does??  It helps to manage stress levels- how?  By helping you balance blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure. I love it because it's warm and comforting and easy as heck to make!  

Ingredients: Oatmeal (I do a half a cup), Hemp seeds (sprinkle), Flax seeds (sprinkle), Sunflower butter (heaping tablespoon), apple (1/2 an apple), honey ( just a drizzle or sweetener of choice) This is a super relaxed recipe and can NOT be messed up.  It's really just about your taste.  

Here's why each ingredient rocks!!

OATMEAL: Whole grains have been shown to lower blood pressure!  Major stress relief when your heart isn't beating out of your chest! 

HEMP SEEDS: These little babies are a complete protein!  They help stabilize mood (heck yes), regulate hormones, lower blood pressure, reduce menstrual cramps, and fights inflammation.  

FLAX SEEDS: Rich in omega 3's, blood sugar stabilizer, protects the body against breast, colon and prostate cancer, reduces hot flashes in menopausal women, rich in calcium and iron and high in fiber.  This little seed when ingested whole helps to cleanse the colon and move digestion along properly in the body. 

SUNFLOWER SEEDS: Reduce cholesterol levels in the body and lower risk for heart disease, high in antioxidants (cancer prevention) promotes better thyroid function, stabilizes blood sugar levels and lessens the side effects of diabetes.

HONEY: Raw honey (bonus points for local) honey can help fight infection and allergies and is anti-bacterial and so delish!  We have bees here on the farm and love using the honey as often as possible- we feed the bees with our flowers and veggies and they give us honey and help our garden grow!  WIN WIN!  

APPLES: High in fiber and add a great crunch! 

Try this breakfast to help relieve stress and keep you full for hours.  Let me know what you think, share a pic or leave a comment.  ENJOY!