I named my health coaching practice Glorious Morning Wellness, for several reasons.  The glow of the rising sun is endlessly inspiring to me.  It is a reminder that we are lucky to be alive and that it is a fresh start. The mornings here are beyond compare. They are peaceful, radiant and awe-inspiring.  I am eternally grateful for this farm.  It is a large part of my identity, health and happiness. In recent years I began to think of food as packaged entities that you purchased off shelves.  I had no concept of "in or out of season" and never considered that the choices of where my food was grown and how, could effect my wellbeing so strongly. The curation of this farm has taught me about patience, proper nutrition and given me a true LOVE of food.  This Summer we grew 85% of the food we consumed.  It was so magical to think in terms of what is available (100 feet from my kitchen) and not "what can I buy".  

We have 11 ridiculously sweet chickens that follow us around, love getting affection and enjoy being sung to and snuggled.  They are my brave, adventurous women of the world, that forage for food all over our 80 acres and have even been known to visit neighbors for the small price of grass seed or bread.  If we're not careful to close car windows and doors to the house, we will find them nestled in the drivers seat or upstairs in our bathroom taking a nap.  I have finally mastered the art of the perfectly cooked sunnyside egg and love making meals around their bright orange yolks and clean taste.  We have a hive of very hearty, stubborn, Siberian bees that have yielded over 25 lbs of raw organic honey both this year and last.  This past year we were able to gift jars of honey, candles and lip balm using the leftover wax.  Our most recent addition to the family has been our flock of purebred Icelandic sheep.  They are beyond adorable and have also fallen prey to my songs and snuggles. This winter I will most likely spend my free time cozy by the fire spinning fleece into yarn or felting wool blankets.  Come Spring, we will have our first lambs, milk, yogurt, and cheese.  Lastly, we have our dog, Roscoe, who is the farm guardian.  He takes his job watching over the chickens very seriously and can often be found digging through the compost with the girls, laying in the shade as they surround him or even carrying eggs back to the house for us.  When Roscoe is not busy with the girls, he can be found inside, napping in "his room" or being spoiled rotten.  I can't express to you how thankful we are for this "family" we have and how much this farm provides for us.  

Everett and I are both busy professionals and know what it's like to be stressed and over-worked.  We know what it's like to feel frenzied and overwhelmed, as if there is no time to relax.  Whenever we go away, or simply run errands, the instant the barn is in view, a feeling of calm washes over us.  I know it is the same for those that come for a visit.  Imagine a weekend on the farm: relaxation, yoga, meditation, hiking, fresh food, cooking lessons, and personalized coaching sessions.  I promise, you will feel like a new version of yourself.  A calm, centered and grateful self with a purpose and path.  It is my hope that all of my clients will have the opportunity to visit the farm, meet our babies and indulge in a stir fry or soup using ingredients we picked from the garden together.  I wish for each of you to experience the sunrises and sunsets here in Upstate NY and to give yourselves a weekend reprieve from the hectic and frenzied lives we have all become too accustomed to.